If you had just woken up from a coma and missed the entire season leading up to this point, you may think you were out of commission for 50 years after watching LSU’s offense in action Saturday night.

But no, that’s just how far the Tigers have come in one year’s time.

The best indicator of just how far this LSU offense has come in a year’s time? Look no further than the stats the Tigers put up against Alabama.

LSU’s offense vs. Alabama in 2018’s 29-0 loss:

  • 0 points, 196 total yards, 184 passing yards, 12 rushing yards, 13 first downs

LSU’s offense vs. Alabama in 2019’s 46-41 win:

  • 46 points, 559 total yards, 393 passing yards, 166 rushing yards, 29 first downs

Following the latest impressive showing from Joe Burrow and LSU’s offense, Nick Saban was asked to share his thoughts on the unit and specifically what has happened in just a year that led to Burrow’sĀ improvement on the field.

“I think it’s the system. I think it’s the things that they are doing, it really features the players,” Saban said after the game. “I think he has, talking about the quarterback now, Joe, has a really good handle on what they are trying to do. And it’s challenging to defend.

“It utilizes the people that they have. Look, they have no weaknesses on offense. They have a really good runner. They have a really good quarterback. They have really good receivers. They have a good offensive line and they have a system and a scheme that’s very sound and solid in terms of doing a really good job of executing it.

“I can’t give them enough credit for what they do. It’s nothing like what they tried to do a year ago. It’s completely different and I think it features their players and their players buy into it and have confidence and do a great job executing it. I felt like that going into the game and I certainly feel just as strongly like that after having played them.”

Sounds like if Saban had a Heisman Trophy vote, he’d cast if for Burrow. He would not be alone after the performance LSU’s quarterback displayed Saturday night, passing for 393 yards and three scores while completing 31 of 39 passes in the game.