Do you think Les Miles will still have the LSU job after this season? As of today, you can bet on whether or not he will.

According to, the odds of Miles losing his job by Dec. 31, 2016 are +240. It is more likely he will stay as the head coach according to the website, and the odds reflect that, at -320.

Miles’ latest game was against Wisconsin Week 1, where the favored, No. 5-ranked Tigers faced an unranked Wisconsin team and lost, 16-14. His overall record since 2012 is 37-15.

Over those past four seasons, LSU hasn’t had a season where it has lost less than three games. Miles’ next game is against Jacksonville State on Saturday at home. If the Tigers were to shomehow lose that one, Miles’ seat gets much hotter.

We don’t expect that to happen.

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