Olivia Dunne is well known on social media, and she could soon capitalize on her following, too.

Thanks to the NCAA’s ruling allowing athletes to make money on their Name, Image & Likeness, Dunne is one of the biggest stars set to make a windfall. On July 1, 2021, athletes can capitalize on their NIL.

The LSU gymnast has more than 1.1 million Instagram and TikTok followers, the only NCAA athlete to amass that amount of followers on both platforms. Action Network’s Darren Rovell ranked the athletes in the best position to capitalize from their NLI, and Dunne was ranked No. 2, behind only Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler. Rattler has only about 34 percent of the Instagram followers that Dunne has.

In fact, Rovell is hearing that Dunne could make more than $1 million due to her leveraging her social media following. She’s obviously excited about the ruling, along with other NCAA athletes. She’s just in the best position to be the highest paid college female athlete.

Dunne makes regular posts to her huge Instagram audience.


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