Over the summer, CBS Sports broadcaster Brad Nessler heard about LSU’s new offense from QB Joe Burrow when he visited with him at the Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana.

“I keep hearing about this new offense,” Nessler recalled saying to Burrow on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

Burrow replied, “You wait.”

Nessler said, “Really?”

Burrow, “You’re not going to recognize it.”

Nessler, “I’ll trust you when I see you do it, Joe. Then I saw him do it against Texas, and then the first time we had them, the second time we had them and then Saturday. I’m a believer now, man, it’s there to stay.”

The only problem Nessler sees is LSU must find another player like Joe Burrow to run it.

“Because their offensive coordinator said Joe could have done this last year, but we couldn’t, meaning the coaches and team weren’t ready for it, but Joe was ready for it.”

Nessler expects Ed Orgeron to “recruit his brains out” after that win to find the next elite quarterback.

“I’m sure they’ll find a guy to come in and do the job,” Nessler said.