Keeping a live animal as a mascot has become a hot-button issue in recent years, and one group is focusing specifically on LSU.

LSU is currently on Mike the Tiger VII after Mike VI died of cancer recently. The live tiger mascot has drawn scorn, even though it is housed in a beautiful habit.

As you can see here, an online petition by Care2 has generated 36,000 signatures as of Wednesday night, pleading with the university to free Mike VII (via The Advocate):

“We believe that animals shouldn’t be used as entertainment, they aren’t here for our amusement,” said Rebecca Gerber of Care2, a California-based social media operation with 40 million members. Care2 is sponsoring the effort that began two weeks ago. “They should be in the wild and respected. Even treated very kindly, it’s easier to see them as here entertainment, disposable props for football … We’re trying to stop that message completely.”

Care2 has tried to force the removal of Mike before, but it obviously wasn’t successful.

For now, Mike VII will remain on LSU’s campus, blissfully unaware of the turmoil his presence is causing.