It’s clear that LSU fans aren’t happy with the way the Tigers opened the 2021 season.

On Saturday night, LSU suffered a 38-27 loss to UCLA at the Rose Bowl. The Tigers trailed by only 4 points at halftime, but the Bruins extended their advantage to 18 points by late in the fourth quarter.

After going 15-0 and winning the national championship in 2019, LSU took a step back by going 5-5 in 2020. And now, it’s 0-1 to begin 2021.

There’s one LSU fan from Atlanta who is particularly upset about the current state of the team, and his name is Andre. He called in during “The Paul Finebaum Show” on SEC Network on Tuesday, and he voiced his frustrations with the Tigers and head coach Ed Orgeron.

“If we can’t beat a mid-level Pac-12 team … listen, I like Coach Orgeron. He’s a nice guy. But by Game 6 or 7, he’ll be gone,” Andre said. “It’s just, this is the SEC, this is big-money ball, this is big-money coaching. I give him Game 6 or 7. Listen, we ain’t got no warriors on the offensive line. We don’t have no Marcus Spears or [Booger] McFarlands or Michael Brockers on the defensive line. We don’t have warriors.

“Hey look, I hate to say it, coach. But I give him Game 6 or 7. This ain’t the Big 10, this ain’t the Pac-10, this ain’t the ACC. This is the SEC. This ain’t the Big 12. I give him Game 6 or Game 7, and they’re going to give him his pink slip.”

At that point, Finebaum confirmed that Andre is an LSU fan — which he is. But he’s a disgruntled one, for sure.

“Man, I saw that. The struggles,” he continued. “The offensive line struggled. The running game struggled. The passing game struggled. This looked like Les Miles 2.0. And I like Coach Orgeron. I do. But this is big money. And like ain’t got nothing to do with it when you’re making this kind of money.”

LSU will look to make its fans happier this Saturday, when it faces McNeese at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN+.

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