When LSU unveiled its practice schedule for preseason camp, it announced that there would be no media access. It was a change in policy from last season when Orgeron was interim coach and allowed media access to game-week practices (something Nick Saban and Les Miles did not allow) as well as this past spring when LSU allowed limited access to multiple practices.

Appearing on Sirius XM College Sports Nation, Paul Finebaum called Orgeron’s actions paranoid, and said it reminded him of Orgeron’s days as Ole Miss head coach (2005-07).

“I think he’s already made a big mistake,” Finebaum said. “The average fan out there doesn’t understand that we – we being the media – we’re not getting anything out of that first 15 minutes except that we can send back video to our TV stations or pictures or whatever, but it’s just a little thing that I don’t like. I don’t like that. I didn’t like the fact that they were shutting other schools out of satellite camps.

“To me, it does show paranoia. It shows the old Ed Orgeron that I thought he had left behind, perhaps, in Ole Miss. I just think it’s a bad look for him, someone who I think can grow into a good coach, but he’s going to have to do it pretty quickly. That fanbase is 100 percent in, but LSU is one of the most unique fanbases I’ve ever seen. They are with you until they are against you. And they will turn on a coach who doesn’t beat Alabama, who loses games he is not supposed to lose. Just ask Les Miles, who I’m sure enjoyed the broadcast today at home unemployed.”

Orgeron has told LSU media members that the camp practice closures are about installing the offense, and that the media will be allowed back by Aug. 21 and that they will have the same in-season access in 2017.

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