On Sunday, the LSU Tigers announced that embattled coach Will Wade had been reinstated from suspension.

That caused quite a reaction from the college basketball world, with joy coming out of Baton Rouge and confusion reigning supreme elsewhere.

On Monday’s episode of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” the SEC Network host said he doesn’t think Wade will be around for the start of the 2019-20 season. However, he did say he’d like to hear Wade deny the allegations if he is indeed innocent (via 247Sports):

“In some ways, it’s worse if he coaches. How is he going to scrape away? The only way to do it is to face it head on, and that’s to come on programs like this and others and say, ‘listen I’ve been mistreated. I’ve been mischaracterized.’ Not one time throughout the entire process has Will Wade ever stood up and said, ‘it’s not true. They’re lies.’ Not one time. He just said we don’t have the whole story.

“ … The decision is up to Joe Alleva. How about explaining the decision Mr. Alleva? Give us something other than legal mumbo jumbo.”

It is certainly an interesting time at LSU, and we’ll start getting our answers when the FBI trial takes place in a couple of weeks.