Paul Finebaum understands the legacies of college football coaches as well as anyone, and he paints an ominous picture for soon-to-be-former LSU coach Ed Orgeron.

Finebaum makes the now common comparison with former Auburn coach Gene Chizik after Orgeron now has a 46-17 record in 6 seasons, but also with the 2019 national championship. Finebaum offered these thoughts on the ESPN College Football Podcast.

“I don’t think [his legacy] will be that great,” Finebaum said. “Gene Chizik won the national championship at Auburn in 2010 with Cam Newton, and the day after the Iron Bowl in 2012, he was fired. So, Gene Chizik can rest easily now. Ed Orgeron will not be remembered that well. I know the obituaries today will be kind, but ultimately, I think the people that cover this game like we do are going to look at him as somewhat of an accidental winner. You said it earlier, the outlier — he was a better coach when he was at LSU than when he was at Ole Miss, but he was still a fatally flawed head football coach.”

Orgeron, who was the defensive line coach at LSU in 2015 under Les Miles, took over as interim coach and finished with a 6-2 record before he got the permanent job in 2016.