Paul Finebaum did not hold back when talking about the recent infractions case involving LSU.

Last week, the Tigers learned their fate from the NCAA regarding violations related to the respective basketball and football programs of Will Wade and Les Miles. During an appearance on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning, Finebaum was critical of the message the NCAA sent with what he believes are weak penalties.

Finebaum pointed out the violations in question were related to the pre-NIL era:

“I don’t think LSU got a scratch last week, and the message is clear: Cheat like crazy, and don’t stop until you win,” said Finebaum. “And I never thought I would say that, but it’s the truth. It simply doesn’t matter anymore.

“What’s interesting is people get confused. The Jeremy Pruitt thing — which I do think will be a story eventually — and going back to Les Miles and Will Wade: these all happened before 2 years ago when NIL went into effect. What it means is you could cheat, you could break the rules, you could stick your tongue in the face of authority back then and get away with it. Today, can you imagine what you can do now?”

Finebaum went on to call the NCAA a complete joke and a farce without any authority to enforce anything. The SEC Network host also predicts people will continue to cheat because there really are no rules anymore.

“I don’t like saying this because I was one who always believed in rules… it just simply doesn’t matter anymore. To call the NCAA a complete and utter joke is an insult to organizations that are borderline jokes,” Finebaum said. “It’s a farce, they have no authority whatsoever. And I don’t mean to encourage people to cheat — you don’t have to, they’re going to — but there are simply no rules anymore.”