Peter Burns sat in for Keyshawn, JWill and Max on ESPN Radio recently, and shared his perspective on a question about which first-year coach would have the most success. The options were Lincoln Riley from Southern Cal, Brian Kelly at LSU and Marcus Freeman at Notre Dame.

Burns, the SEC Network host, Baton Rouge native and noted long-time LSU fan, chose Kelly.

“But you nailed it in the fact that Brian Kelly probably has the more talented roster than he’s ever had in the history of coaching Notre Dame football,” Burns said, “but he’s also playing the ’27 Yankees of the SEC West.”

Burns had a slight pause for Kelly because he ticked off all the contenders in the SEC West, and why it’s more difficult than Riley or Freeman.

“I think he’s able to have some success,” Burns said. “But that game against Florida State is so intriguing to me. That opener on Sunday night is going to be fascinating because LSU fans will get to see their brand-new head coach against Florida State, so it’s already a hated school, but they’re playing in the Superdome.”

Burns did wonder how LSU fans would deal with Kelly if he doesn’t have immediate success.

About the other coaches in the mix, Burns brought up Greg McElroy’s comments that Southern Cal is overrated because of its lack of talent on the defensive front.

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