Binge-drinking before games in the Bayou outside Death Valley might see some new regulations for next fall.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, town hall meetings hosted by Dean of Students Maria Fuentes-Martin have been planned to get the students’ feedback about the changes that are being proposed, according to The Advocate’s Rebekah Allen.

Those meetings will take place at 4:30 p.m. CT in the Student Union.

Of the potential regulations, a major one would be requiring student organizations — like sororities, fraternities and clubs — to register their tailgates with the Office of Campus Life.

They’d have to put in a request and be given a spot to tailgate, whereas right now that’s a first-come, first-serve thing on the Parade Grounds.

Another regulation would be “no common-source containers of alcohol” like drinks with no labels that don’t inform anyone of the contents like tiger punch, jungle juice, Bayou blitz, death tally, purple and sold, Les Miles away from coherence, a can cameron, Baton booze or an L-S-who, what, when, where, why, among others.

Yes, most of those exist.

According to Allen, glass containers wouldn’t be allowed anywhere on campus, and the same goes for drinking games that encourage rapid alcohol consumption.

The changes would only apply to organized student group tailgates.