During USC’s heyday in the early-2000s, current LSU coach Ed Orgeron was the Trojans’ defensive line coach under Pete Carroll.

That means he overlapped with stars like QB Matt Leinart and RB Reggie Bush — both of whom are now analysts for FOX Sports. Coach O was on the 2004 staff, coaching the team that won the national title.

However, according to both Leinart and Bush on Saturday’s “Big Noon Kickoff,” they were terrified of Coach O during their time in school. Listen to this hilarious exchange below, starting in the second half of the video:

“With Coach O, I’ve just got to say, man, I was so scared of him my whole college career,” Leinart laughed.

“I was petrified of Coach Orgeron,” Bush added.

“He just would get into the quarterbacks. I’d see him in the hallway and I’d just go the other way,” Leinart said. “He just scared the crap out of me.”

“Coach O recruited me,” Bush continued. “I had never met a man that passionate about football. It scared me. I was actually intimidated to commit to USC. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to commit so you stop yelling at me.'”

“He’s one of those guys who shakes your hand but he looks really deep into your eyes,” Leinart explained.

Yeah, we can see how Coach O might be a bit intimidating for non-defensive linemen!