We’re seeing more and more college athletes test positive for COVID-19 in the past week. While the players are generally asymptomatic, teams are still taking precautions.

According to Sports Illustrated reporter Ross Dellenger, at least 30 LSU football players have been in quarantine recently.

Per Dellenger, not all of them have tested positive, but some have had contact with players who were positive for COVID-19:

In the article, Dellenger spoke with LSU’s senior associate athletic trainer, Shelly Mullenix. Mullenix said these numbers were expected:

High-ranking LSU athletic department officials declined comment Saturday, citing medical privacy laws. They referred SI to Shelly Mullenix, the school’s long-time senior associate athletic trainer. In an interview Saturday, Mullenix declined to confirm the numbers of those who have or had been quarantined, but said LSU’s situation was on par with a nationwide uptick in the virus related to the Memorial Day holiday and the widespread mass gatherings from protests. “It’s not surprising we’re seeing the rise right now,” she told SI. “It’s a pandemic. We should not be shocked. The story is that it’s exactly what we said it would be. We were prepared from the get-go for a lot of virus. The good news is we’re seeing subtle virus illness.”

We’ll see what updates come from LSU over the next couple of weeks. It’s possible the outbreak has been caught in time.

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