According to a report from LSU’s site, LSU has already reached out to both Houston head coach Tom Herman and former Baylor head coach Art Briles.

Herman is a red-hot name within the coaching profession. He turned Houston from a middling program into one firmly embedded within the Top 10. Relying upon player development and excellent recruiting skills, he’s very similar to his former employer Urban Meyer.

With Houston attempting to move to the Big 12, it will be fascinating to see whether Houston opts to offer a contract extension (with a huge raise) as a means to keep Herman from leaving.

Briles was jettisoned from Waco amidst a rape scandal involving the football program. Prior to that, Baylor evolved into a power within the Big 12. Briles is known for putting up a ton of points with a high-octane scheme — something LSU hasn’t had in recent memory.

Interim head coach Ed Orgeron certainly can’t be discounted, either. Orgeron is a native of the state of Louisiana, is a ridiculously good recruiter, and has experience coaching multiple major football programs (USC, Ole Miss).