According to a report by The Advocate, LSU was hit with recruiting sanctions by the Southeastern Conference.

An unnamed prospect signed a financial aid agreement with LSU last fall, giving the coaching staff unlimited contact with him during the recruiting period, but the prospect didn’t enroll early. With the financial aid agreement, the recruited player has to enroll early or the school violates the unlimited contact provision. Instead, the prospect decommitted from LSU and signed a scholarship to another university.

Because the prospect didn’t enroll at LSU, the Tigers cannot sign any players to financial aid agreements for the next two seasons. In addition, LSU will also lose 21 — 10 percent — of its 2015 recruiting evaluation days.

Here’s the report from The Advocate:

Matt Womack, an offensive tackle from Mississippi, signed a financial aid agreement with LSU in August intending to enroll at the school in January. Instead, Womack de-committed — as hundreds of prospects do each year — and signed a National Letter of Intent with Alabama in February.

LSU officials declined comment.

Financial aid agreements, instituted by the NCAA in the fall of 2013, allow high school seniors who plan to enroll early to sign with that school starting Aug. 1 of their senior years.

A financial aid agreement doesn’t bind the player to that particular school like a National Letter of Intent does, but it affords coaches of that school unlimited contact with the signee — contact that would normally be considered against NCAA rules.

The NCAA modified the financial aid agreement (FAA) in April. It continued to allowed schools “relaxed recruiting rules” for prospects who signed an financial aid agreement, but it also warned schools that they could be penalized for recruiting violations if that prospect did not eventually enroll in that school.

David Womack, Matt Womack’s father, told The Clarion-Ledger in the fall that LSU coaches were not planning to contact his son on an unlimited basis because Matt wasn’t completely firm on enrolling early or on his commitment to LSU.