Scott Frost had his chance to take Joe Burrow at one point and instead of simply passing on the future Heisman Trophy winner, the Nebraska coach even threw some shade at the former Ohio State signal-caller.

If you haven’t heard the story, Burrow wanted to transfer to Nebraska after deciding to leave Ohio State, as his family had connections to the Cornhusker program and the quarterback had always been a fan of the team.

Frost’s infamous quote when finding out Burrow wanted to transfer to Nebraska was, “You think he’s better than what we got?”

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Of course, no one could have predicted Burrow winning the Heisman Trophy and leading LSU to one of the most impressive seasons in college football history but that quote is all the more damning now that Burrow has accomplished so much in Baton Rouge. Considering Frost is perceived as an offensive coach, you’d think he would have at least seen potential in Burrow’s game at that time.

Either way, ESPN’s 2020 NFL Draft host Trey Wingo decided to bring up Frost’s quote immediately after Burrow was selected No. 1 overall on Thursday evening.

Check it out below:

Rest in peach, Coach Frost. You may never recover from your terrible decision and your quote on Burrow.