Steve Ensminger Jr. is getting back into coaching.

The son of LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger has taken a job at Assumption High School in Louisiana as a quarterbacks coach. Steve Jr. credits his late wife Carley McCord, a sports reporter who tragically died in a plane crash on the way to the Peach Bowl in December, with returning to coaching after previously serving as an assistant at Patterson High School, a position he left in 2012 per his LinkedIn page.

“When I got out of coaching after college and got on at CF Industries, I always stayed close to the game,” Ensminger told Tiger Details. “Coaching was my passion. My wife, Carley, she always wanted me to get back into coaching and to do something that I loved to do because she did what she loved to do. I figured I’m going to finally do it. I’m going to take her advice and do what I love to do.”

“She’s the main reason why I’m getting back into this,” he added. “She did what she loved, and I want to do what I love. I try to work at least half as hard as she did. If I do that, then I know I can be successful.”

Ensminger Jr. is part of a new Assumption staff being put together by Keith Menard, who has 35 years of experience and recently accepted the AHS job.

“When Coach Menard called me, I was excited to hop on board right away,” Ensminger told Tiger Details. “We have a lot of great coaches here. Coach Menard has big plans for this program, and I’m excited to be able to learn from him and other coaches. He has his own playbook, and we bounce ideas off of each other. He’s very open to ideas I’ve learned along the way. I go home every day and call my dad or go see him, and we talk football for hours. I take down notes and bounce them of Coach Menard.

“Every day waking up to come to work is exciting.”