The most remarkable assistant coaching dynamic this season has been LSU’s offensive staff with offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger and passing game coordinator Joe Brady.

The well-documented story has been shared plenty about how Brady came to LSU from the New Orleans Saints, and how he’s helped Ensminger transfer the offense to a record-breaking season piloted by QB Joe Burrow.

Ensminger spoke at a Peach Bowl press conference on Tuesday in Atlanta about the season and how he feels about Brady.

“It’s been a fantastic year,” Ensminger said, according to a transcript from ASAP Sports. “You go undefeated and you put the numbers we put, it’s gratifying.”

Many have wondered about the relationship between Ensminger and Brady, having such a wide age difference, and Brady at times getting more of the spotlight from the offense’s success. But Brady has often shared the spotlight with Ensminger and referred to the Broyles Award, given to the top assistant in college football, as something that should be shared between them.

Ensminger expounded on how the hire unfolded.

“As far as Joe Brady is concerned, I love him to death. Coach O asked me — he walked in my office, I can’t remember when, but I think the Saints just lost the game they shouldn’t have lost, and he said, What do you think about Joe Brady? I said, Get him here tomorrow,” Ensminger said.  “And he’s brought a lot to our offense. To be honest, I’m appreciative of him. He deserves everything he’s gotten, I can promise you that. It’s just fun sitting up in the box and dissecting defenses.

Ensminger, Brady and Burrow have had to make plenty of adjustments down the stretch as defenses have presented new wrinkles.

“It’s amazing because we practice all week, and probably the last five games for sure, you don’t see the defense you practice against,” he said. “It’s always something different. So sitting up here, making adjustments, and counting on your quarterback, your receivers, and running backs to make those adjustments, it’s exciting. Because with this guy right here (Burrow), you can call a play and even if you feel like they’re going to roll the coverage, they’re going to do something wrong, he’s going to take care of it.”

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