Recently, LSU released the results of an internal investigation into the university’s handling of sexual misconduct cases. The Husch Blackwell report did not paint the university in a good light, as former coach Les Miles and others were named in the 150-page report.

While Miles has been placed on administrative leave at Kansas, where he is currently the head football coach, only a pair of punishments were handed down at LSU.

LSU executive deputy athletic director Verge Ausberry and senior associate athletic director Miriam Segar were both suspended without pay, with Ausberry’s suspension lasting 30 days and Segar’s 21 days.

On Monday, a group of student protestors surrounded LSU’s football ops building for several hours to protest what they feel was a lackluster response from the university to the damaging report.

The protestors want LSU to fire those who, according to the Husch Blackwell report, didn’t respond appropriately to claims of sexual misconduct made by female students:

At one point, LSU employees brought the protestors some water:

At another point, LSU TE Aaron Moffitt and others came over to talk to the protestors. Moffitt said he needed to go feed his dog, and questioned why the protestors were surrounding the football ops building and not the administration building:

Director of player development Eddie Kennison also asked for the players to be able to leave to go to class:

Don’t count on the protest changing the university’s mind on punishments handed down. Per interim president Tom Galligan,

The Advocate’s Brooks Kubena was at the protest and has a full report on the proceedings here.