LSU has had a magical season already, between winning the SEC Championship, the Heisman Trophy for QB Joe Burrow, and a slew of awards for players and coaches alike.

SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow said on a segment on “The Paul Finebaum Show” that it’s a story that not even Disney scriptwriters could pen.

“It’s a team that you say this season is unreal,” Tebow said. “Disney doesn’t even write scripts that are this good. I’m a huge Disney fan, but Disney doesn’t even write scripts that are this good. That’s how magical this season is, and it’s unfortunate that one of these teams has to lose, but I am so excited for this game.”

The challenge against Clemson, though, is facing a team and a coach in Dabo Swinney who prepares his team better than most for big games, Tebow said, by allowing players to play free.

“Other coaches talk about it, but they’re not really good at it,” Tebow said. “Dabo is a master at it. … But I also think this LSU team is a team of destiny. Their confidence is not something that is manufactured. Their confidence is not something that honestly most teams have ever had, or most players have ever been in a place like this.”

It comes down to two legendary teams battling it out to see which one is better, Tebow said.

“That’s why I’m so excited about this one,” he said.