Becoming verified on Twitter is typically for celebrities, high-profile members of the media, professional athletes, government officials, etc.

But it looks like Twitter has started a new trend, adding top college football prospects to that list. Four-star LSU quarterback commit Myles Brennan received an e-mail from Twitter last Wednesday that asked him if he’d like his account to be verified, and like any 17-year-old would, he said yes.

“It is kind of funny,” Brennan said, per The Clarion-Ledger. “I thought verified Twitter accounts were for movie stars, professional players, and people in media and people like that.”

Dylan Moses, a 5-star linebacker who just committed to Alabama, was also recently verified. So did four-star wideout Joshua Moore, who is an Ole Miss target. The list doesn’t end there, and it looks like it will only grow from here.

“It was pretty crazy and kind of out of the blue,” Brennan said. “That was something that never crossed my mind. I wouldn’t had ever even imagined having a verified Twitter account.”

In attempt to make it easier for people to find “high-quality” accounts, Twitter recently revamped its process of verifying its users by creating the option to let anyone request a verified account by filling out a form with a verified phone number and email address, a profile photo, and additional information regarding why verification is required or helpful.

But in Brennan’s case, it was Twitter that reached out to him.

“I am fortunate that the process for me is kind of toward the end, relatively speaking, but it’s definitely a good thing for coaches and recruiters to see that it’s a real account,” Brennan said. “It’s just pretty crazy how it happened out of the blue … it is really just something that is pretty cool.”