Nate Evans is still having to answer for his actions from the Fiesta Bowl.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he plays for UCF. If you don’t watch the Knights that often but you did view the team’s Fiesta Bowl appearance against LSU, you may recall Evans was the player that taunted Joe Burrow while the Tigers quarterback was on the ground after taking a huge hit. Burrow had just taken a blindside hit as he was attempting to tackle a UCF player following an interception.

Burrow did not keep his head on a swivel, as they say, and paid the price for his mistake. Evans was flagged for taunting on the play but is apparently still paying a price for that penalty.

If you don’t remember the game, Burrow managed to bounce back after getting clocked by Evans and finished the game completing 21 of 34 passes for  394 yards and four touchdowns in a 40-32 win over UCF.

In case Evans forgot about what happened in the Fiesta Bowl, one unknown fan sent him a letter to remind him. The letter does not have a return address but is postmarked from Birmingham, Ala. Check it out as UCF_problems shared an image of the letter via Evans’ Instagram account: