Football fans who follow advanced stats and metrics, and bettors, are familiar with Bill Connelly’s work. Connelly, known for his SP+ predictive metric, also calculates “postgame win expectancy.” LSU’s upset of Florida produced an incredible postgame win expectancy of 0.6 percent.

Per Connelly, “[Postgame win expectancy] is intended to say ‘Given your success rates, big plays, field position components, turnovers, etc., you could have expected to win this game X% of the time.’ It has nothing to do with pre-game projections or opponent adjustments.”

As you might expect, 0.6 is the lowest postgame-win expectancy for a 2020 victor.

Connelly humorously poured some salt in the wounds of Gator fans.

“The data almost literally saying ‘Man, to lose that they’d have to blow a bunch of scoring chances, suffer the dumbest/most creative personal foul ever at the worst possible time, and watch the opponent make a bomb of a FG in fog or something'” Connelly tweeted.

We should all have known that LSU and Florida plus 2020 would equate to one of the wildest games of the season.