Make no mistake about it, the SEC has the toughest schedule across the board, both in number of conference games, and tough games within any ranking you choose from around the country.

But FOX Sports analyst Urban Meyer picked out LSU as having the “most difficult schedule I’ve witnessed,” he said on Big Noon Kickoff.

“Within a six-week period, you’re playing four teams within the top 15 in America,” Meyer said. “You have the ACC, they have three ranked teams, that’s it. Clemson plays one ranked team, they’ll be a three-touchdown favorite, if they stay healthy, they’re going.”

With other teams playing less than 10 conference games, or a conference simply doesn’t have many ranked teams, the question was raised on the show, “Does scheduling put SEC at disadvantage?”

The SEC only has one bye week per team, as opposed to the Big 12, which has three, which does not allow for flexibility if there are COVID issues. Brady Quinn raised the point of SEC teams being ranked after the Big 10 and Pac-12 teams leave the polls.

Meyer went on to explain how there is a “big inequity” in scheduling, especially this season.

“How will the College Football Playoff people look at this? That remains to be seen,” Meyer said. “I believe November is going to be a street fight for the SEC, survival of the fittest.”