As non-conference games go, a dramatic change in weather is not something that’s typically experienced this time of year. But for Utah State, that’s exactly the case to travel from Logan, Utah, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to play LSU.

The elevation of Logan is more than 4,500 feet, while Baton Rouge is about 60 feet above sea level. On Tuesday afternoon, the temperature in Logan was 49 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. However, the low on Wednesday night is expected to be 30 degrees. Conversely, Baton Rouge was 94 degrees on Tuesday afternoon, and the low Wednesday night at 74 degrees.

Temperature at kickoff is expected to be about 90 degrees.

That’s something that Utah State coach Gary Andersen is well aware of as he prepares for the game.


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“One of the big things for this game is we’re going to practice in 50-degree weather all week long, and it’s going to be 95 degrees in Louisiana with high humidity,” Andersen said. “That will be our challenge, to make sure we hydrate and get ourselves to where we need to be in those positions, those spots. We may be used to that in August, but we’re not used to that now. Potentially, it will be a 40 to 50-degree swing in the temperature from what we’re used to playing in this week of practice. That will be something our guys will need to keep their eye on, and we need our trainers to make sure we’re ready to play the football game. It’s a great opportunity, and we’re excited to start preparing.”

Utah State is 3-1 with a loss to Wake Forest, and wins over Stony Brook, San Diego State and Colorado State. LSU and Utah State have only played twice, and not since 2001.