Video of the pregame scuffle that erupted between LSU and Florida appears to show Tigers running back Leonard Fournette shoving an opposing coach.

The angle of the video makes it difficult to see if the coach shoved Fournette first. The junior ran up to the scuffle after it began and was hanging out on the fringes of it before giving the Gators coach a push.

Here’s a different angle of the shove:

Fournette was not dressed during the shoving match but later emerged from the tunnel in uniform. The SEC Network reported the running back asked LSU interim coach Ed Orgeron if he could dress out after getting involved in the scuffle.

This normally heated cross-division rivalry received even more fuel this season, with both schools engaging in trash talk after Florida’s initial cancellation of the game scheduled for Oct. 8 in Gainesville. So it wasn’t surprising to see some physicality before the game even started.