LSU head coach Ed Orgeron spoke with CBS Sports on Thursday to preview Saturday’s home game against No. 10 Auburn.

Orgeron also broke down last Saturday’s 17-16 win in Gainesville.

“Leadership and intestinal fortitude,” Orgeron listed as reasons LSU played better last week. “We had to get back to believing in each other. We got on that plane, and we said … We’re not getting on that plane unless we win the football game, and we got it done.”

He credited LSU’s offensive line as being part of the reason for the win.

“[O-line] is starting to feel good about itself,” Coach O said. “Anytime you can have three freshmen and win a game in The Swamp, it gives them some confidence.”

He noted that Auburn has a tougher defense and LSU’s offensive line will “have its hands full” this week.

“Front seven is the key to the game. We have to stop them from running the ball between the tackles. That’s what Gus Malzahn does,” Orgeron said. “They have big physical backs. We’ve got to tackle them well. Big men have to make first contact. We’ve got to gang tackle … Can’t let them get in open field against our DBs one on one.”

Coach O had good things to say about Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham, as well:

“He starts fast. Explosive plays … will get you to bite up and will make some plays with his feet. He knows the offense,” Orgeron noted. “It seems like Gus Malzahn has more confidence in him as the season goes on. They seem to be at full speed right now.”

Orgeron said Auburn will be a big challenge for his team, but LSU is up to it.