Typically when a college football player lands a punch against an opponent, not only is that player flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, he’s ejected from the contest. That doesn’t appear to be the case from Gainesville on Saturday.

On two separate occasions, a Florida player landed a punch against an LSU player. You would think that would lead to two ejections but you’d be wrong. The results of those plays were one 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty and no ejections.

Here is a video of the first punch, something that even CBS analyst Gary Danielson caught after a first-quarter play. LSU fullback Tory Carter was hit by Florida defensive lineman Luke Ancrum right in the facemask.

There’s a chance the refs just missed that one, as there wasn’t even a flag thrown, but the second play is a bit more egregious.

Check out this punch Florida receiver Kadarius Toney lands on LSU defensive back Greedy Williams. In the video below, you can see an official standing just yards away watching the action. Toney was flagged for this one, as expected, but he was not tossed from the game.

What do you think of these calls?