The LSU football team has created a tradition of awarding jersey No. 18 to a player who displays great character along with being a strong player. This year, the honor belongs to senior tight end Foster Moreau.

During an interview with on Tuesday, Moreau discussed what it was like when he found out that he would be the next player to don the important jersey.

“It was crazy. I was just kind of stunned,” Moreau said. “I sat there and I didn’t really know what to do. It was really crazy and really humbling and I’m so blessed to be awarded this opportunity. I really can’t wait to see what I’ll do with it.”

Moreau said that he’s been added to a group text including former players to wear the No. 18 for the Tigers. The list of players to wear the number in the past include Matt Mauck and Jacob Hester. Christian LaCouture and J.D. Moore both wore No. 18 last season.

“It’s funny to see guys that I’ve watched growing up my whole life as I’ve been playing, just incredible pillars of what it means to be an LSU football player,” Moreau said. “It’s just so cool to be in there and have guys welcome me and say, ‘Hey, I’ve been watching you, I enjoy what you do. Hope to see a stellar senior season.’ It’s really cool and I’m really honored.”

Moreau has played 36 games over his first three seasons at LSU, catching 30 passes for 357 yards and four touchdowns. And the senior tight end knows he still has work to do to improve for the upcoming season.

“Just because I’m awarded a jersey doesn’t mean I’m good to go so far,” Moreau said. “We’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

Watch the full interview with Moreau from fall camp below: