LSU coach Ed Orgeron probably wasn’t expecting to hear from a Tigers scheduling critic at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club, but we’re glad he did.

In a WBRZ clip (below) shared on Twitter, Orgeron is asked about LSU athletics department staffer Verge Ausberry, who handles football scheduling, making $500,000. When the questioner asks about Ausberry making “half a million dollars to schedule four cream puff games,” Orgeron hilariously responds, “How ’bout that, huh? Hey… He’s worth every dollar!”

It makes for video gold, but Orgeron could have easily pushed back with the fact that LSU won’t be playing four “cream puffs,” starting with the 2019 season. The Tigers have upcoming home-and-home series with Texas, UCLA, Clemson and Oklahoma. In the Rotary Club setting, however, humor was probably the right approach.