Trent Domingue nearly made the bobble of his life in the fourth quarter of a 28-28 game on Saturday.

With LSU lining up for a go-ahead 33-yard field goal, Domingue veered to the left side of the formation with a clear running alley in front of him.

LSU coach Les Miles called a gutsy fake, and holder/backup quarterback Brad Kragthorpe hit him in the hands with a swing pass. But before Domingue could scamper 16 yards for the go-ahead touchdown, electrifying the Tiger Stadium crowd, he fought the ball and nearly dropped it for an instant.

Instead, the Mad Hatter can notch yet another successful fake field goal against Florida. In 2010, holder Brad Wing tapped the ball on the grass and then blindly tossed it over his shoulder to a teammate, leading to the eventual game-winning touchdown.