It looks like LSU is relishing in another victory in The Battle for the Golden Boot.

The rivalry series is the traditional matchup between LSU and Arkansas. The rivalry trophy is a huge golden statue that features the state outlines of Louisiana and Arkansas to form the shape of a boot. The trophy is awarded annually to whichever team wins. It is an awesome trophy and traditional SEC West rivalry that continues to produce fantastic games.

The LSU Tigers came away with their second straight win in the series with a 33-10 win over the Razorbacks Saturday. It was the fifth win for the Tigers out of the last seven games in the series.

Arkansas may be struggling heavily this year, but a win in this rivalry means a bit more to each fan base. Tigers fans will be happy to retain the boot for another year while the Razorbacks will have to deal with another loss in the series.

Twitter user @KBatisteJr shared video of the moment:

Here are photos of the Tigers receiving the Boot after the victory from Johnny Lombardi on Twitter:


Tigers DE Frank Herron Jr. also shared a photo with the Boot after the win:

The Tigers moved to 7-3 with the win with games against Tennessee and Texas A&M still to come this season.