In the minds of several LSU students, the controversial call against LB Devin White was not a coincidence, as it came just before the Alabama game.

White two Saturdays ago was whistled for targeting on his hit against Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald, and the play was upheld after a review, which meant that White must sit out the first half of the Alabama game on Saturday.

Alabama coach Nick Saban paid the officials, plain and simple, the students believe. Not only did White not target Fitzgerald, the students have said, he “barely touched him” and it was also an “accident.”

“That was definitely a stupid call, shouldn’t have happened,” one student said on LSU Tigers TV.

A pair of students called the call “wack” and even said they’d take a dramatic step to prove their point.

“I’m willing to take all the money I’m paying for college, and bet it on Nick Saban paying the referee,” another student claimed.

The first student who was interviewed also believed the call was “rigged” and it was “stupid.”

A woman then explained why Alabama would take such steps to get White out of the game.

“Alabama thinks that’s they’re only chance, if we don’t have Devin White,” she said.

In one of the more awaited returns of a player in the second half, White’s return for LSU will be watched closely, along with the officials and Saban during Saturday’s primetime meeting in Tiger Stadium.