LSU may need to think about adding a “fence-hopping 101” class after beating Georgia on Saturday.

Many fans decided to rush the field after the huge win and more than a few did so without much grace. Multiple people clad in purple and gold tried their best to get onto the field. While all of them seemed to succeed, they also paid the price with some cuts and bruises.

In their defense, it seemed like a difficult situation with many other 20-somethings close behind with the same goal of celebrating the victory on the field. Multiple techniques were used including jumping, hopping with two feet and hopping one foot at a time.

The most painful seemed to be those who simply opted to just fall over the fence and land on the other side. These fans probably won’t be hurdling in the Olympics any time soon, but they do get a pat on the back for the effort.

Catch the full video below:

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