Even though Alabama and LSU don’t play this weekend, they’re still dominating the headlines after LSU star LB Devin White was flagged for targeting against Mississippi State last week.

Now, White will miss the first half against Alabama, and people are outraged.

On Friday, SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow joined ESPN’s “First Take” and said SEC commissioner Greg Sankey should do something about the suspension:

“It’s so ridiculous, it truly is,” Tebow said. “I do think that we do need to take care of players and we should have fouls for when people are truly trying to hurt someone else and truly going to the head or neck area. He barely touched him with his facemask, you could see he was trying to pull off. He is the second best player on the field. It’s Tua Tagovailoa and Devin White, by far. He is the best linebacker in the country, in my opinion. He goes sideline to sideline, he’s the tone-setter.

“Pretty much what the ref said is ‘hey LSU we’re taking out your best player, good luck against Alabama,’ it’s ridiculous. I don’t think refs should have that responsibility. I think either the SEC commissioner or the NCAA should come in and let Devin play, because you are truly changing the season for LSU and for Alabama by not letting him play. I think it’s ridiculous and the NCAA should step in because it’s a stupid rule.”

Obviously, it’s incredibly unlikely that anything happens, especially since it would open up a huge can of worms as far as overturning calls goes. Still, that won’t stop people from trying to #FreeDevinWhite.