LSU had circled this game on the calendar since last year’s seven overtime loss to Texas A&M, and it was clear when the Tigers won 50-7 that it meant a lot to them.

Coach Ed Orgeron recapped the rout with the media after the game.

“We played for 60 minutes, LSU’s standard of performance,” he said. “That’s what we’ve been looking for all year.”

He pointed out Cade York’s two 50-plus-yard field goals, the first time ever, and the defense holding the Aggies to 169 total yards. Texas A&M was also 2-for-13 on third down.


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“So proud of Coach Aranda and the staff,” Orgeron said. “They work very, very hard. I’m just so proud of them.”

He noted Joe Burrow setting the record for SEC all-time passing yards and tied the SEC record for touchdowns, along with school records for points in a season.

“Tremendous job by our staff, but you know what, we ain’t done yet,” Orgeron said. “We’re happy beat Texas A&M, we’re happy we’re 12-0. We’re going to enjoy this for 24 hours and then on to Georgia where we’re going to play in a big SEC title game, which means a lot to our university, means a lot to our football team.”

Orgeron was asked about style points and how the College Football Playoff may still include LSU even with a loss to Georgia.

“We want to be 12-0. We’re taking it one game at a time, we control our own destiny,” he said. “We’re just taking it one game at a time. No matter what anybody says, they’re going to pick this apart, pick that apart, it doesn’t matter, you got to win a game.”

Orgeron said he thought the Tigers handled their emotions well given how last year’s game went. He said Marcus Allen came in and talked to the team Friday night about poise character.

“I thought our guys were right on point today,” Orgeron said.

LSU dialed up certain blitzes to put pressure on quarterback and not let the Aggies beat them one-on-one.

“I thought our DBs made some tremendous plays on the football,” he said. “What a difference a year makes. …I think our guys know what’s at stake. I think our defense had a little chip on their shoulders about the way may have played and didn’t play up to our full potential, but you know what, we’ve been looking forward to this and I think this team is going to get better. I think there’s some improvement we can do and they know that and on to next week. … Obviously last year was still on our minds, but our guys did a good job of hiding their emotions and playing the type of football we needed to play.”

Orgeron was asked about Burrow and his custom jersey before the game that spelled “Burreaux.” Asked if he could do the custom jersey, Orgeron said he told Burrow, “Hell yeah.”

“Joe’s meant a lot to Louisiana,” Orgeron said. “And Louisiana is very proud of LSU football. People in Louisiana have heart, man. When they love you, they love you, and they love Joe and Joe loves them. So I think it was a combination of both. To show his appreciation for the state of Louisiana and LSU and what they’ve done for him, and more or less what he’s done for us, the guy’s been phenomenal.”

Asked about Georgia, Orgeron said it’s obviously a good team, “Kirby does a great job. It’s going to be a very challenging game.”