Will Wade and LSU are probably hoping you missed the new HBO documentary released on Tuesday evening called, “The Scheme.”

The documentary covers the FBI’s investigation into the corruption of college basketball and features the infamous wiretap conversations between former NBA agent Christian Dawkins and LSU coach Will Wade. The one that many LSU fans refuse to believe even exists.

Well, the audio is out for those that didn’t want to believe it existed and it’s pretty damning for Wade.

Here’s a portion of the tape.

Wade: “We could compensate him better than the [NBA] rookie minimum.”

Dawkins: “You are probably right about that.”

Wade: “We’d give him more than the [NBA] D-League.”

The LSU coach then goes into detail regarding current LSU player Javonte Smart on the wiretap.

Wade: “I was thinking last night on this Smart thing, I’ll be honest with you, I’m fucking tired of dealing with this thing. Like, I’m tired of dealing with this fucking shit. What do you think? ‘Cause I went to him with a strong ass offer about a month ago. Fucking strong. Now, the problem was, I know why he didn’t take it now, it was tilted toward the family a little bit. But I mean, it was a fucking hell of an offer. Like, a hell of an offer. Especially for a kid that’s going to be a two- or three-year kid. I’ve made deals for as good a players as him that were a lot simpler than this.”

Check out the full clip below, courtesy of Trey Wallace of FOX Sports Knoxville. Keep in mind portions of the clip are not safe for work. 

It will be interesting to see how LSU  responds to these comments becoming public.

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