Incredibly, it would appear we have a war of words on our hands down in Baton Rouge.

Not many places in the Southeastern Conference could you expect a public back and forth using the media as an intermediary but that is what we have going on at LSU with Will Wade currently suspended from coaching his basketball team. With all this drama, the real shame is LSU winning the regular-season title and entering the 2019 SEC Tournament as the No. 1 seed is far from the main focus in Baton Rouge at the moment.

If you missed the news from Thursday morning, Wade has asked LSU to allow him to return from suspension and coach during the postseason, pleading with the school to permit him due process. Wade’s full statement can be read here.

Following the release of that statement, Thomas Skinner, vice president for legal affairs and general counsel for LSU, has released this statement to Jacques Doucet of WAFB Sports in Baton Rouge:

“Coach Will Wade has yet to deny any wrongdoing to us or publicly. Absent that, the university is in a very difficult position with regard to compliance with NCAA requirements, and until Coach Wade talks to the university administration about this, he remains suspended. There is a standing offer for him and his attorneys to meet with LSU officials.”

Now we await Wade’s response. Insert eating popcorn gif.