Will Wade is giving Tiger Woods a run for his money when it comes to the biggest comeback stories in sports in 2019 as the LSU coach appears to have just caught another big break.

After being suspended by LSU for failing to meet with former AD Joe Alleva and NCAA investigators following the Yahoo! Sports report stating the FBI had a wiretap of the LSU allegedly making offers to a former agent to secure a commitment of a recruit, many assumed Wade’s time in Baton Rouge was coming to an end. Just over a month later, Wade has been reinstated at LSU and Alleva has been removed from power, only to be replaced by AD Scott Woodward in Baton Rouge.

Wade’s victory lap continues as the coach just found out he will not be forced to testify in the federal basketball corruption trial. This news is being reported by Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports after initially being reported by Pete Brush of Law360.

Arizona’s Sean Miller will also not be forced to testify in the trial following accusations that he also has paid players to play at Arizona.

That’s quite the 180 from where things stood just weeks ago, as Wade was sat by LSU for the 2019 SEC and NCAA Tournaments and stayed away from meeting with his bosses for over a month. If you thought Wade was a winner on the court, his biggest wins this year keep coming off it.