Will Wade was fired for cause at LSU. President William F. Tate IV and Director of Athletics Scott Woodward confirmed Wade was fired for the multiple Level I violations, as per his updated contract after his 2019 suspension.

In addition to Wade, Associate Head Coach Bill Armstrong has also been fired. Kevin Nickelberry is the interim head coach of LSU men’s basketball as the Tigers await their NCAA Tournament seeding.

Woodward and Tate co-signed an open letter to the LSU Community, posted to the official website of LSU athletics. They notably state that the firings do not mean the school agrees with the allegations. Wade’s contract was updated in 2019 to say he could be fired for cause if NCAA infractions committee issues a formal notice to LSU that Wade was involved in a Level 1 or Level 2 violation. LSU received the Notice of Allegations with multiple Level I violations this week. LSU leadership says it still cannot comment on the Notice of Allegations.

Here’s the full letter:

LSU Community:
Today, we informed Will Wade that he has been terminated for cause, pursuant to the provisions of his amended employment agreement as the Men’s Basketball Head Coach at LSU. Bill Armstrong has also been terminated as Associate Head Coach.

For more than four years, the University has patiently allowed the NCAA investigative process to unfold, jointly working with the NCAA Enforcement Staff and, subsequently, with the Complex Case Unit (CCU), to ensure the evidence collected was as thorough and fair as possible. Throughout that time, the University and its men’s basketball program have operated under an exhausting shroud of negativity.

As requested, and as required by state law, the University is releasing a redacted copy of the Notice of Allegations received from the CCU of the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP). The Notice contains serious allegations, including multiple charges alleging Coach Wade’s personal involvement in—or awareness of—Level I misconduct. After receiving the Notice earlier this week, we took several days to fully evaluate it and engage in deliberate and thoughtful discussions about our next steps. We can no longer subject our University, Department of Athletics, and—most importantly—our student-athletes, to this taxing and already-lengthy process without taking action. Our responsibility to protect and promote the integrity and well-being of our entire institution and our student-athletes will always be paramount.

Notably, our decision to terminate Coach Wade and Coach Armstrong is not an acknowledgement of agreement with any of the allegations. The University will determine its positions on the allegations after an exhaustive and objective examination of the relevant facts and applicable NCAA regulations.

We will immediately initiate a national search for a new head coach. Assistant Coach Kevin Nickelberry will lead our team for the remainder of the season. We know that the LSU community will rally around our program and our student-athletes, none of whom are alleged to have been involved in any misconduct.

Per NCAA rules and procedures, we are unable to provide further comment on the IARP process, the contents of the Notice of Allegations, or today’s decision.


William F. Tate IV

Scott Woodward
Director of Athletics

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