Jim Harbaugh has been a veritable punching bag across the country this week following Michigan’s shocking loss to Wisconsin last week. That’s led many to ramp up talk of Harbaugh’s ouster as coach of the Wolverines.

But Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt took a different view during a segment with KTCK-AM, a Dallas area radio station. Klatt outlined how Michigan was pummeled in a 35-14 loss at Wisconsin.

“Last year against Ohio State didn’t even feel quite like it felt Saturday,” Klatt said. “It still felt like, ‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water type of deal (against Ohio State) but this was different. They were completely dominated in the trenches. Wisconsin ran the ball for well over 300 yards. In fact, they ran it for 350 yards, and all Michigan could muster was about 40 yards on the ground. They out-gained them on the ground by over 300 yards — Michigan, under Jim Harbaugh.”

The rushing stats were in fact 57 carries for 359 yards for the Badgers. It was the sixth straight loss at Wisconsin for Michigan.

“I thought this would work, but when you all of a sudden hit the panic button and you try to change your identity and your philosophy that has been successful over several different stops at several different levels of football, it’s either going to be all or nothing,” Klatt said. “And what we’re seeing is the nothing side of this. “This was very much chips all in at the middle of the table and that fifth card comes down and he went bust. Right now it has been a failure of a switch for their offensive philosophy, and their defense was not even that physical. They lost that game on the defensive side as well. It was just an all around total beatdown.”

“I’m not going to be surprised if he walks away at the end of this season,” Klatt continued. “He just doesn’t have the same sense of urgency, that same Jim Harbaugh kind of stinger, if you will, that he did in previous years.”

The Wolverines play host to 1-2 Rutgers this week.