The story of the Mississippi State season may not be what many hoped at the start of the season, the Air Raid offense, and instead is the mass exodus of players leaving the program.

The latest player to enter the transfer portal and presumably leave the program is Powers Warren, a junior wide receiver, who is the son of Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren.

Powers Warren has had limited production at MSU. He redshirted in 2017, and appeared in just six games each of the last two seasons. He has not recorded a catch this season.

Earlier this season, coach Mike Leach referred to a “purge” of the roster with players leaving if they didn’t want to play to the standard and culture he’s trying to set.

“We’re going to have to check our group and see who really wants to play here,” Leach said at the time.

If Warren in fact transfers, he would be the 18th player to do that this season, and there have been four players who have opted out of the season, according to Robbie Faulk of 247Sports.