During a recent appearance on “The Saturday Down South Podcast,” SEC Network host Paul Finebaum criticized Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach, saying he doesn’t think Leach has integrated himself into the Starkville community enough.

That has prompted a lot of discussion, and on Thursday, fellow SEC Network analyst Chris Doering disagreed with Finebaum.

During an appearance on SiriusXM radio, Doering said it doesn’t matter how active Leach is in the community as long as he wins football games:


“All that matters, especially in the SEC, is that you win football games,” Doering said. “He’s a guy who hasn’t ever shown interest in being a guy that goes out and puts himself in front of the program. Go ahead and look at Joe Moorhead. Joe Moorhead I thought did a good job of trying to ingratiate himself into the community in Starkville and it didn’t matter because he didn’t win football games. In any situation, all you have to do is win football games. You can be the weirdest recluse of all-time, and if you win football games, they’re going to like you.”

For the record, though, some in the Starkville community have come to the defense of their head coach, sharing the things he’s done during his tenure at Mississippi State: