Because of the way the SEC has played out in recent years, it’s easy to overlook several teams. But SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic has named a pair of teams, one in each division, who are primed for breakout seasons this year.

During an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Cubelic named Mississippi State and Kentucky as likely candidates.

“One team in the West that nobody is talking about is Mississippi State,” he said. “When you go back and look at when the youth was injected into that offense, and then what they did after that, I really do believe that this is a team that has a chance to extend and a team that maybe could exceed expectations.”

Cubelic noted that QB Will Rogers wasn’t really “the guy” until late in the season and he seemed to have a better grasp on the offense as the season went on. Then the Bulldogs added Jack Abraham from Southern Miss, so there’s depth at quarterbacks. Jo’quavious Marks and Jaden Walley are each playmakers to bolster the offense. Cubelic then said no one gives defensive coordinator Zach Arnett enough credit for what he did with the defense last year.

In the East, Cubelic said Kentucky because with the best offensive line in the SEC, according to Cubelic, a lot of it comes down to quarterback.

“Chris Rodriguez might be the most underrated tailback in all of college football, and what’s the problem has been for the Wildcats, offensively it’s been wide receiver,” Cubelic said. “Now you bring in a transfer in Wan’Dale Robinson, you bring in a transfer from Michigan State and you have multiple quarterbacks … that seemingly are going to be able to get the ball down the field.”

Cubelic also believes that Brad White is another DC who doesn’t get enough credit, and he has six of the front seven back from 2020.