According to Colin Cowherd, Dak Prescott needs to take a page out of Tom Brady’s book to be successful in 2022. Specifically, Cowherd thinks there is one trait that Dak will need to mimic in order to have a repeat of his prosperous rookie season-doing more with less.

Specifically, the FOX Sports host said on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” that he’s interested in seeing if Prescott, a former Mississippi State star, has what it takes to make the players around him better:

“The Dak Prescott that we have watched since that rookie season when he went 13-3 has been sort of supported Dak, great O-line Dak, run-first Dak, don’t have to carry the offense Dak,” Cowherd explained. “But now he’s going to have to do what Brady did in New England for 20 years. (He’s going to have to) take your Troy Browns, your Deion Branches, your Danny Amendolas — nice players — and make them stars.”

The Cowboys announced on Tuesday that receiver James Washington would be out for 6-10 weeks with a foot fracture suffered in practice. Add to that the absence of Amari Cooper, La’el Collins, Cedric Wilson, and a less-than-consistent Ezekiel Elliott, and the Cowboys face an uphill climb. Of course, that climb becomes even tougher as the Cowboys face off against teams with some stellar healthy offensive weapons like the Bucs, Rams, and Eagles in their first 5 weeks of play.

Can Prescott overcome these challenges to make for a winning season? Cowherd says there’s one way to find out — do more with less, and become a leader like Tom Brady.