There have been multiple reports suggesting that the Dallas Cowboys are prepared to make Dak Prescott the highest-paid player in the NFL.

If that’s accurate, why haven’t the two sides agreed to a deal yet at this time?

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, the two parties have yet to agree on the length of Prescott’s new contract to play in Dallas.

“The hangup really is mainly years, at this point in time,” Schefter said during a recent appearance on ESPN program NFL Live. “Dallas would like Dak Prescott to sign a longer deal, maybe five years or more. Dak Prescott wants to sign a shorter deal, four years or less.

“I don’t believe that money is a real issue, I think they could figure that out if they had to. I think they could come together and get that ironed out but again, the years are a big deal. Because if you just think about Dak Prescott playing for years, and what he might be able to get at one time where as opposed to what he would might be able to get playing five years, there’s a big difference there.”

Now the negotiations between the two sides are at a standstill due to the length of the offer, according to the ESPN NFL insider.

“That seems to be the point in which both sides have been unwilling to budge,” Schefter added. “Dallas wants minimum, five years, Dak Prescott wants, maximum, four years and I think that is right now, the issue keeping the two sides apart.”

While the sports calendar has come to a crashing halt, at least these two have plenty of time to strike a deal before any training camp can begin.