All’s well that ends as well as Dallas received the second-half kickoff after the NFL reviewed the situation.

UPDATE: Audio and video disputes the original report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. FOX audio shows Prescott definitely said defer saying both “we want to kick” and “defer.”

Original story:

Dak Prescott made an embarrassing error in Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams game. When Dallas won the toss, the Cowboys captain told the officials that the team wanted to kick.

With the way the coin toss works, the Rams will get to choose if they want to kick or receive to start the second half. Prescott’s mistake means Dallas will not get the ball to start either half.

Dallas is trying to end a three-game losing skid. Giving Los Angeles an extra possession will only make that effort more difficult. The Cowboys currently lead 14-7 as Prescott has two touchdown passes.