Fresh off signing an extension in Dallas, Dak Prescott continues to work his way back to the field for the Cowboys.

Prescott hasn’t seen the field since his season-ending ankle injury suffered on Oct. 11 against the New York Giants but the Cowboys quarterback looks to be making great progress not long after signing a four-year, $160 million extension in Dallas.

The quarterback shows off his return to the practice field in a recent video post by 3D QB Texas:

After signing his deal, Prescott shared the following comments when asked about the status of his recovery.

“I’m healthy. I obviously haven’t talked (publicly about his recovery) and I thank you all for the support,” Prescott said. “I thank the Cowboys nation and everyone out there who was praying for me — sent their condolences — that’s a feeling that I will never be able to put into words: to be in a hospital bed, not knowing really what is going to happen, just coming out of surgery and getting all of that support from family, from coaches, from former coaches from teammates and the Cowboys nation and even a lot of you.”