Congratulations, Dak Prescott. The entire football world is drooling over your preseason play, and for good reason.

Prescott finished 10 of 12 with 139 yards and two touchdowns in his first preseason game, but he saved his best for last night’s preseason game. Friday night, Prescott finished 12 of 15 for 199 yards with two touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns.

Why is he feeling so comfortable, and why does the Cowboys’ offense look so smooth under his watch? Prescott answered that question after the game, basically saying Dan Mullen’s offense is an NFL offense.

“The offense we ran at Mississippi State was nothing short of an NFL offense,” Prescott said. The only thing that was different is that we didn’t go under center. I swear to you, in (pre-draft) visits, every play they showed me, I could name it. We just called it something different. At another team I visited, they ran the exact same stuff we ran.

“Knowledge-wise, I think I’m the smartest quarterback that came in this class. I would love to go on the board and go head to head with anybody else. That’s how I feel. That’s how confident I am.”

I’m sure Mullen is smiling from ear to ear, marveling at the player he helped groom in Starkville. Prescott did a lot for MSU during his impressive record-breaking career, but what he’s doing right now could help MSU just as much. He’s continuing to put his alma mater on the map.